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"I provide the services of tuition in Business Studies, Career Guidance and CV and statement development. I have attained MSc in International Marketing Management"

About Me

I provide the services of tuition in Business Studies, Career Guidance and CV and statement development. I have attained MSc in International Marketing Management.

I teach Business Studies to GCSE, A-Level and degree level students. I also guide the degree level students in relation to their coursework and assignments.

I have taught and assessed the business and management modules at Edexcel Level 4 (HNC), Level 5 (HND) and Level 7 (EDSML) courses to 18 and post-18 students.

I mark the students' examination transcripts for ABMA Business Management Qualifications at Level 4, Level 5 and Level 6.

I develop CVs and cover letters for individuals looking for work. While teaching in a college, I have also provided career advisory services to the students and guided them to create CVs, cover letters and personal statements.

I have created assignment instruments (assignment questions) developing scenarios contextualizing the learning outcomes of business and management modules. I have also guided and advised the learners in relation to their completion of the course works/assignments for various business and management related modules.

I believe in developing connection with the students and sharing ideas. While focussing on the curriculum, I encourage discussion to encourage the students to think and explore further. I help my students through-out their academic journey and encourage them to maximise their potential.

I adopt various learning styles in order to address the different learning needs of the students. I have used videos, power point slides and flip charts to address different learning styles such as auditory and visual. I also encourage the students to participate in the class through debates, discussion and presentations.

Work Experience

Teaching and Assessment
• Taught and delivered the learning outcomes of Business and Management modules prescribed by the various awarding bodies
• Provided CV-guidance and Interview skills to the learners/job-seekers
• Developed assessment instruments incorporating the assessment methodologies in consistent with the learning outcomes.
• Imparted one-to-one and class-based teaching to learners from diverse ethnic backgrounds
• Provided in-house training to the teaching staff regarding the assessment regulatory requirements and quality assurance mechanisms of Edexcel and Quality Assurance Agency
• Assessed students’ submissions (course work and the answer transcripts)
• Marker for students’ examination transcripts for ABMA Business Management qualifications at Level 4, Level 5 and Level 6

Quality Assurance and Administration
• Implemented the quality assurance requirements prescribed by Edexcel and Quality Assurance Agency through-out the centre to achieve the required standards
• Liaised-on with Edexcel and Quality Assurance Agency on regular basis, being the first point of contact for these regulatory bodies
• Developed self-evaluation document for the Review for Educational Oversight process
• Developed quality-related policy documents and synthesised various procedures and formulated various reports
• Designed course structure complying with the credit combination rules and programme specifications prescribed by the awarding body, Edexcel
• Line-managed Academic Department and ensured the assessment and internal verification was up to the standards

Volunteer roles
• Volunteered as a Learning Ambassador, as part of East London Quality Partnership Project, at Adult College of Barking and Dagenham and conducted learning walks (visits in the classes) to evidence best teaching practices
• Volunteered for Dagenham Park Church of England Secondary School and provided administrative support to Deputy Head of English Department
• Volunteered at North East London Foundation Trust, Equality and Diversity Department, Goodmayes Hospital as an Honorary Admin Officer

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