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"I am a professional musician and educator. I teach piano, music, aural and theory to children and adults and have helped my pupils achieve great results in examinations, life-long skills and enjoyment"

About Me

I am a professional musician and educator. I teach piano, music, aural and theory to children and adults and have helped my pupils achieve great results in examinations, life-long skills and enjoyment.

I have started studying music and the piano at the age of 5 and, to be fair, I have never stopped - I still practice regularly for concerts now and still discover something new regularly. I enjoy music from a variety of periods and genres and I love sharing my enthusiasm for music with my pupils. I believe music is, in itself, a world, and studying it allows us to enter it. Some of the best experiences in my life that leave me speechless and moved to tears are still in concert halls - however to access that we need a certain determination, dedication and understanding. My aim in my teaching is to ignite a desire to learn and play, that then turns into intrinsic motivation to be part of this world, throughout life. My best students tell me they practice every day, and they enjoy it. Parents don't need to 'remind' them, nor do I have to pester them about practice. Sometimes it takes a while to get there, but learning to play a musical instrument is a marathon, not a sprint. Think about it as a language, just as you need years and hours of work to become so fluent in a language that you could do theater and understand poetry you need the same in music, to perform something this, in a way, abstract. Many of my pupils achieve Grade 8 and go even further, and I nourish their love for music and the piano over years. I also teach adult students that want to further their skill.

I can help you or your child enjoy the piano more and get more out of it, at any age, and I also prepare my pupils for ABRSM and Trinity examinations, as well as music scholarships, GCSE and A level performance and composition, if any of that is an aim or an interest. I also encourage my pupils to perform 3-4 times a year and together we find performance opportunities. I also organise bi-annual concerts for my pupils in a venue in West London.

I also teach Theory to all grades and prepare the Aural side of the exams.

What I enjoy so much about giving piano and music lessons (at one point last year I had 65 students a week!) is that I get to work with people in a one-to-one environment. The skills I help my pupils develop go further than how to play the piano or how to understand music, they also include resilience, patience, self-care, self-knowing, managing stress, managing performance, learning to listen, managing emotions, observing details, learning how to learn and learning how they learn, and many others. Music can be a great way to unlock potential!

I have studied health, well-being, Alexander Technique, education, psychology and child development during my studies, knowledge I use on a daily basis in my work.

I am particularly keen to teach more at home, in the area I live in now, which is South-West London (KT3), and also to offer advice and support as less regular lessons for more advanced students as online lessons or in my home studio lessons. I am able to travel to your homes too, however we can discuss these details on a case by case basis.

You can find more of my online presence through the Passepartout Piano Duo - on YouTube, our own webpage (www.passepartoutpianoduo.com), or Facebook. As well as if you google / youtube search for recordings in my maiden name Zlatior.

Work Experience

I have received a BMus (Hons) in 2014, Piano performance, and an MSc in Performance Science in 2017, from the Royal College of Music, the leading conservatoire in the UK. I also have received an LRSM (Licentiate of the Royal Schools of Music) offered by the ABRSM, in Instrumental Teaching, with Distinction, in 2015. I have followed a specialised music school throughout my school years so have studied harmony, theory, aural, solfege, counterpoint, music history, ensemble, choir and many other music specific subjects.

I have been teaching piano, aural and music theory since 2010. I have had countless students and have worked with teaching agencies (Music House for Children London), schools (West London Free School Primary, Earls Court Free School Primary, Surbiton High School) and privately.

I have prepared my pupils for Graded Exams achieving passes, merits and distinctions at all grades, as well as prepared Grade 5 theory, all to 100% passing rate.

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